Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Yesterday, as I was walking home, I felt hungry. So I went into 7-Eleven and decided to get myself a hotdog bun. I made a mess out of myself when the chilli sauce spurted out of the bottle, and onto my hands! Thank God there was no other customer around. The guy behind the counter took out a paperbag, for me to contain the hotdog bun and he passed me some tissues. I just passed him the bun, while trying to clean myself up. He even directed me to the sink behind the counter, meant for 7-Eleven personnel only. After I washed my hands, he told me that there's tissue above the sink. He's so sweeet right? Not to mention that he's kinda cute too. I thought I might have melted a little right there and then. Hehe. To the guy behind the counter, though you will not read this at all, but still, THANK YOU! :)

Watched 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' with Emilia just now. I'm really trying to watch my spending now, especially since I'm gonna be jobless soon. By the way, I'm dreaming of blue eyes and cute British accent now. :P

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