Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I can't explain this feeling that's within me, but I'm excited..truly excited for what's gonna happen in my life. Into my third day of fasting, I'm starting to see and feel hope, for the future, that I'm gonna enjoy and embrace it.

****I'm excited for my VSC, have been hearing lots of recounts of experiences from instructors and officers, can't wait to go out there to experience them for myself. Worried, nervous, scared, but at the same time, very excited to start my policing journey.

***I'm happy to know that I'm gonna meet a lot of my friends soon..6L gathering, would be rather interesting to get everyone together and see how everyone has changed. Sure, there will be awkwardness but still, I think I'm gonna enjoy it. For Chinese New Year, filled with hope that my sayangs can make it for the visit..miss my weirdos, hazi, SDI gang, merepek gang, FATSSS, seniors especially a certain mangkuk who has been MIA-ing...

***I was blessed with the opportunity to play hockey last week. Man, I missed it so much. Feels so good to know that I can still play and hit, not perfect but it's better than nothing. I feel fit.

***I passed my drill assessment! Thank God. :)

***It's a new season in school. I want to try harder this time. Last night, as I sat waiting for my study adviser, I suddenly felt hopeful, I have no understanding but I was struck with the thought of enjoying my studies and how it can help me do well in my job in future.

***I'm starting to learn Malay again. (whatever peeps, I'm not gonna marry one, or convert to Muslim). Can't wait to understand the language, to speak and write in it. It's our national language, and I can engage others when I need to, rather than feeling left out or all weird and awkward..

Thank you for all the prayers, care and concern. I feel so blessed..:)

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