Sunday, 7 December 2008

Woohoo! I finished 10km at the Singapore Marathon today! I was not ruling out the option of walking before I reached Padang as I had a fever on Friday night. Sat was fine, but felt unwell as night falls. I woke up this morning feeling breathless, and I was actually worried that I might collapse in the midst of the race. After all, Sir did say that my body may not recover in time and I should skip this and join others when I'm feeling better.

I went anyway, having prayed the night before that I would be alright. Wan Hsin and I started the race, side by side, and I just kept praying throughout the run. I needed His presence, His strength and energy for me to complete 10km. It's not an easy run, especially up the super high bridge on the highway. Surprisingly, I picked up speed on the way up, so that I can get it over and done with. At the top of the bridge, I felt immense joy to realise that I've completed half of the run, 5km! I did feel like vomiting during the run, felt like giving up, felt discomfort within my body, but I kept pressing on, and I kept praying. I prayed that His presence will be with me and I know that I will meet Him at the finishing point. Of course, I prayed that it will not be meeting Him literally, as it meant that phoof!, I'm gonna be in heaven. Haha!:P

I'm so thankful that I completed this tough run with a weak body but a strong and mighty spirit. I know it was faith that pulled me through, faith that lasted me for the whole run. Amazingly, my legs were not aching at the end of the entire race, and I could walk normally. Plus, I could never express the amount of gratitude I feel towards Wan Hsin, for always running beside me even when she can go ahead and for making sure that I'm there beside her. :)

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