Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Edison Chen's scenes in movie "Jump" are removed

" The movie company has decided to remove Edison Chen's scenes in the movie "Jump." The movie was supposed to be screened early this year, but the screening was postponed as a result of the sex photos scandal that has implicated Edison and other female celebrities.

Director Stephen Fung has tried to keep Edison's scenes but the movie company has decided not to wait anymore. The company has decided to reshoot Edison's scenes by using a new actor. The new replacement could be Fahrenheit's Wu Zun or star of "Cape No. 7" Van Fan.

As all Edison's scenes from the movie are to be reshot, Stephen Fung has to arrange the schedules of all the relevant actors. In addition, he has to ask the actors to cut their hair back to their style one year ago. Costumes have to be found again from the warehouse; some sets have to be reconstructed again. The reshoot is expected to cost around a million Hong Kong dollars and it will begin in Shanghai at the earliest in next month."

This is outrageous! How can they do that to Edison?! It's so unfair, so prejudiced. Come on, he has already apologised and paid a price for what he has done. I REPEAT, he was a VICTIM too, so cut him some slack. The movie company's crews ought to reflect, other than Stephen Fung (I'm giving him credit for trying to keep the scenes). Talk about giving others a second chance. I want to protest!!! Let's all write in to the movie company!

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