Friday, 24 October 2008

Reading people's blogs about how happy they are, the places they travel, and how much fun they have hanging out, makes me feel kinda empty. Feels like I've got no social life at all, busying myself with each and everything. Like I'm missing out on a lot...

Today was bad at first, with people cursing into the phone just cos' they're angry with my boss, with people calling to 'iron things out', and with people replying rudely.

Despite all these, I still feel blessed, because I know whatever happens, it's all planned for, by Him. I will become stronger after that. I'm very thankful for the VSC trainings, thankful that I got selected and for great squadmates and humourous yet caring instructors. I know I'm the lucky few who is pursuing exactly what I've always wanted and actually followed through with it. I'm so excited, can't wait to pass out. When that day comes, I can almost imagine how much I'll miss the people who had gone through the 9 months with me, and those who guided us throughout the whole journey. I'm extremely happy with what I have been provided with, and I will be satisfied with my lot.:)

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