Friday, 24 October 2008

Been too busy and lazy to upload photos and blog about them. So now, I'll do a mass upload. The saying goes.."A picture speaks more than a thousand words.". Let my many photos speak million words..:)

06A03 gathering @ JunWei's House

the girls.

scary peeps around me

pretty ladies (them, I meant)
I'm so thankful for this insane & weird Rachel for keeping me entertained at work everyday

Army Half-Marathon/Safra Bay Run (did 10km)
enjoying a spendid lunch, after the long and exhaustive run.

New Balance Real Run (10km again.)

finally, into civilisation, after walking more than 5km in 1 hour to reach a bus stop. *exhausted*

Hari Raya Visiting

gap's for Shida who tried to be funny by showing her face, in the digital cam.

Triple Ss once again!

Karaoke Session.:)

Hazirah can't stop singing. she's good at this.

at Suf's.

at Hanisah's.

at Sharina's.

the 4 'chosen' ones to attend senior batch's graduation.

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