Thursday, 9 October 2008

The one thing I hate most is when people speak negatively about Singapore. Yeah, I'm the kind of patriotic irritant that will actually want to go on and on about how wrong all those comments are and how "you" should think properly before shooting your mouth off. Why do you think I spent the most of my secondary 3-4 days debating with my China classmates about whose country is better?

My new colleague just unknowingly stepped across the line. As much as I try to be nice (so she won't quit and my boss won't blame me for it. HAHA), I still feel like slapping her sometimes. "Steph is so mean and hypocritical", I know, especially when I smile even though I resent her comments. She's untactful, I guess, so I won't totally blame her. Comments are as follows:-

1) Do you think Singaporeans are friendly? "I don't think so...I have bad experiences before.."

2) I think the uniforms here are ugly (school). I always see all green..

3) I think the people here in Singapore is weird. They usually sleep until very late and sleep very early(i think she meant wee hours). Singaporeans are like bats.

I didn't post any question nor trap her into this conversation. I hope there's no more coming. She says it as if I'm not Singaporean. Steph has a limit to her tolerance of people who criticise our nation.

I miss my hockey gang, miss the weirdos, miss trybe, miss SDI gang (esp Uncle!), miss many many people. I want to hang out and talk to normal HUMAN BEINGS!

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