Saturday, 11 October 2008

I went to Taufik Batisah's FIKNATIC VOLUNTEER DAY, at Jamiyah Children's Home today. My main motive was to volunteer, especially since I've not had the chance to do so in awhile. Of course, Taufik's the bonus. Hee.:)
Taufik was really nice and friendly, not at all stuck up. In fact, he's just like any normal malay guy. Played games with the kids, serve them lunch and just hang around. They're so cute! Took photos with Taufik, upload when I get them from my fellow groupmates. I can't believe it! I actually shook his hand and sat beside him for a photo! Yeah, I felt so shy and I couldn't say a word. Fine, I'm sure I became a tomato. Berita Harian's chief editor was there too. She asked for my contact, supposedly wants to interview me, as I'm the only non-Muslim there. Great...I'm so gonna be famous. An eventful day. I'm satisfied, met my putera.:D
Usah Lepaskan (live!) - I can't stop smiling when Taufik was singing.:P:P:P

Certificate of appreciation, postcard & cupcake, presented to each and every one of the volunteer personally, by Taufik. SO SWEEEET~

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