Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's a brand new day, time to forget and move on~

I had to admit, I was even more upset that WK was not agreeing entirely with me. Instead, he kept telling me to look at it from another point and view, so that I will realise it's something trivial and forget about it. It's hard, especially when you're so emotionally caught up with the matter. Totally exhausted, I just ended the conversation and went to bed. Yeah, I'm the kind who choose to avoid and sleep it off. Lying in bed, I was secretly 'hating' WK for what he said earlier while trying to tell myself that he has a point. One of the many moments when my evil and angelic voices try to fight off each other. Haha.

Just then, I was suddenly reminded of the time when I had a disagreement with Taufiq due to differing views. I ended the conversation because I wanted to cool down and didn't want things to turn ugly. The very next day, when he showed up for the match, he asked me if I was alright, with regards to the previous day. At that instant, I was warmed by that gesture because I knew he truly cares.

Then I stupidly realised that 'Hey, WK cares about me too.' They both dared to disagree because they truly care and want me to learn, instead of just blindly agreeing with me. Never was a time more appropriate than then to apply that ancient cliche phrase of 'treasure even more, the friends who will disagree with you, because they ...(kinda forgot. but definitely something good.)

So now, I just want to say thank you to all my friends, for daring to disagree with me(for a good reason, not blindly, SHIDA.), staying by me through all these years, even when I'm mean and unreasonable. I love you. :)

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