Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"Celebrating Second Chances", the Yellow Ribbon Concert 2008 was awesome. I'm so glad that I went. Really enjoyed the inmates' performance. Boy, they can really sing, much much better than some professional singers, I would say. I was kinda touched to tears, listening to their songs, the lyrics they had written to show their remorse for their actions and gratefulness towards those who provided them with a second chance. I applaud their courage to stand out to share their stories, to show others that they have done wrong, but now, they are willing to change and all they ask for, is a second chance. I urge all of you who is reading this right now, to give offenders (past or present) a second chance. It may not mean much to you and me, but it certainly mean a million to them. With our help, they can reintegrate into society with a fresh start. So please, don't look at them with tainted eyes. We all make mistakes, they just happen to make a mistake that's more serious. This reminds me of what Jesus has said "Stone her if you have not sinned" (something like that)...

However, I'm sorry to say that I can't forgive rapists and murderers, they commit inhumane acts, may have tendencies to commit them again, especially the former. That said, it's not definite, have to depends on circumstances and the person's desire to change. I'm not encouraging anything, nor trying to be prejudiced against any kind of offender. It's just my own thoughts.

On another note, I finally get to hear Dick Lee live!. He's impressive, really amazing. He created a real concert atmosphere. His voice is like..whoo! Mark Lee did a number too, about "Mother", rather touching. I teared, being reminded of my own mother and all she has done for the family. By the way, Aliff Aziz was there too. He was not bad too..(sorry Shida, no photos allowed. Haha). I really cannot stand Emil Chau though! He sang so long, I felt the focus of the concert shifted slighted. The organisers seriously have to rethink about this. Stick to the theme, it's not Emil Chau's personal concert, as much as he's well-liked. More inmates should be allowed to perform, there's so many more people from Performing Arts Centre and elsewhere, I'm sure.

Last thing, Steph should really be more discipline and manage her time properly. The A may most probably be gone...maybe even the B..better wake up and buck up..tsk tsk tsk...DON'T BE LAZY..:S

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