Monday, 25 August 2008

I'm back! The after-effects of a 10km run is painful but definitely satisfying. Woohoo! There's more to come, certainly hope so. I seriously thought I was gonna faint and drop dead from over-exerting myself. After all, I haven't even ran 2.4km since like forever, and I had to zoom in straight to 10km yesterday. I'm so glad I finished the race, without stopping at all! I feel so thankful towards Wan Hsin who was with me throughout, she could have gone ahead, but she didn't. Of course, there's still the Great and Mighty One who was with me throughout the entire race. A simple prayer of "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" kept me going on and on, each time I feel like stopping. Truly, absolutely amazing..:D

I received my VSC letter!!!I'm gonna go for orientation next monday. Talked to Keith about it. I was so stressed out about the whole thing. Luckily, he was so understanding about it. I can't say he's totally alright with that, but at least, he said he's okay with it. I'm so glad that my boss is so so nice!I'm amazed by his patience sometimes, especially when he appears to be the kind who flares up easily. Feels so much better now, relieved. I'm gonna be the best employee from today onwards, in return for his kindness. :)

Watched '1988...Segaris Sinar' just now..I feel so sad for the teacher, Zul. I certainly hope he's innocent. This reminds me of a certain person. I wonder how he is right now. I want to meet him one day and know that he's doing fine, that his life is not ruined because of a stupid mistake.

I dreamt of my sayang LIONEL LEWIS last night. I'm so in LOVE with him..totally lovesick..:P

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