Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Stuck i am..
Bored and alone...
In this place called...

Haha. This is the extent of how bored I am, that I can come up with such random stanza. I like the freedom I have when the boss's not around, but i dislike the fact that I'm bored and alone. I can almost foresee my week in the office being the same almost everyday. I'm not complaining that I have no work to do. Fact is, I do have work to complete. It's just that I either finished them or I need the boss to brief me on what to do and how to go about it. Hopefully, someone from the operations side will come in later so I can watch them work. It's interesting, I don't know if they feel uneasy though. Haha..STEPH THE WATCHER..

Anyway, I've lotsa photos to upload, but I'm too lazy and I keep deceiving myself that I will get my laptop soon, thus no use wasting time uploading to my turtle PC. So, be patient and wait..soon, you'll to of DHS guides' campfire, Singapore VS Brazil (more of lionel lewis.;p), Uncle's daughter (Asyurah) and so on..

School's starting next week. This is a bit scary, the thought of returning to lessons and books. I want to study hard and do well. Hopefully, I can hold true to what I just said. :)

VSC's reply is slow..I can't wait for the letter..:S

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