Sunday, 20 July 2008

All the what ifs,
the uncertainties,
and all the possibilities,
it's scaring me...
I should stop thinking
about anything and..
live only for the present.

It's hard, it's tough,
I stoned, I rebuked,
I ensured, I shut off,
but it's no use,
it just keeps popping up.

The fear, the worries,
and all the questions,
it's getting to me...
No courage, no knowledge,
No experience...
to handle something,
I know NUTS about.

I guess it's true,
it's all so true...
what people see,
what people say.

Too young, too kiddy,
and too innocent,
That's what I am.
Totally unsure, unprepared,
to handle all the ADULT stuff.

Your presence, Your assurance,
and Your wisdom...
it's what I need,
cos all this,
it's too much to bear.

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