Sunday, 10 February 2008

It's the first new year that we're celebrating after ah gong passed away. Somehow, it just feels different, especially since most of my relatives are overseas. That said, I'm still thankful for my family and friends who made this new year so enjoyable and rowdy :D

1st new year family portrait.

We're such a weird combination but I think I'm gonna enjoy spending time with these two wacky fellows..:P
my 06A03 gang;
I miss hanging out with them in school, teasing and joking around, studying together (though i end up sleeping most of the time.:P)
New year cards done by Sharina's sisters. Aren't they sweet?:D
I miss those long chats that we have whenever we meet up, those studying-turned-into-chatting times and knowing that there's someone who shares the same view as me regarding a particular someone.

I MISS THIS GROUP LIKE CRAZY! Miss playing on the pitch together, hanging out after hockey, laughing out loud during those rides home and getting weird stares all around, those wacky times together. Really thankful that they were the ones who made me love hockey...:D
(I forgot to take photos with my SDI gang!!!!argh..!)
Thanks to all these people, my new year was totally awesome. :)

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