Monday, 8 August 2011

What I Have Been Up To...

I realised that I am becoming rather lazy in updating my blog. I don't want to let it rot away though. So, I will still try to post as often as I can. :)

Last sunday, our family spent quality time together before we send this boy off to Army, to serve his national service and transform into a man! So far, he's doing well in his 2 weeks' confinement, been calling home every night to report that he's fine and alright (much to the delight of my mum). He's going to be back on the 19th, can't wait to see his botak head! ;P

I have been spending more time doodling and sketching these days, doing so makes me feel happy and inspired. Just to share a few, I came up with a version of :
Humpty Dumpty
and a hungry baby robot.

Then, we planned a surprise birthday party for my cousin, Winston, who's turning 21, at my eldest cousin's place. We spent time playing Xbox and enjoying each other's company. I think he was rather touched when we presented his gift (GUESS watch) and the cake. Sayang said Winston's eyes were watery.  I'm so happy that we managed to make his day! :)

The sad thing was, my camera's battery went flat before the actual celebration, so I wasn't able to capture the moments. 
my cute baby niece. :)
my grandma warming up to get ready for her bowling game. Isn't she lovely? 
I think she's getting more fashionable with her clothes these days. ;P

On top of all these, I spent time at Sayang's house last evening and took shots of his Doramon collection. He's a boy in a big man's body. Haha! 
I am wondering how his collections of Doramon and my collections of Winnie the Pooh can fit into our house in future. Guess we just have to find space. Giving away any of it is definitely not an option. I'm insistent like that. :P

Finally, my weekend ended with me satisfying my craving for the oh-so-yummy Chocolate Melts from McDonalds. You have to try it if you haven't! It's heavenly! :)
oozing chocolatey love. 

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