Sunday, 26 June 2011

Catching Up On JFAC! (Prompt 18-25)

I know, it has already been a year and I'm still incomplete with my Journalling for a Cause's prompts. Anyways, after seeing how Janel has started another round of her 30 Day Journal Challenge, I am inspired to start working on my prompts again! :) 

Prompt 18: What's the Buzz?
I was so stressed about my first essay exam, especially since the textbook is super duper boring. I am embarrassed to say that I am still working on this particular module even though it has already been almost a year. :S

 Prompt 19: Who are you?
I did a page on how I have different roles that make up a unique me! :)

 Prompt 20: 100 things I Love
Whew! This page was exhausting to come up with, had me totally racking my brains. It was fun though, and I like how the page turned out. Don't you? 

 Prompt 21: Right This Second
I took the literal meaning of the prompt and drew myself working on this page. It didn't turn out very well though. I guess I need to work on my drawing of plane views!

 Prompt 22: Looking Forward To...
I was looking forward to our first year anniversary because we will be visiting the newly opened Universal Studios Singapore! Needless to say, I had a really fun time at the theme park. There was a slight hiccup at the end but that's another story...

 Prompt 23: The Unsent Letter
I took the opportunity to create an envelope out of a magazine page using a tutorial I saw somewhere back then. I decided to seal it up because I don't want anyone reading this. It's a very private letter that I wrote to someone that I will never ever meet. Well, at least I hope not. 

 Prompt 24: This past week
Looking at this page, I can't exactly pinpoint what I was feeling at that point in time. I guess I was having mixed feelings about my future with Sayang, and things were piling up from all different parts of our lives. Thank God we're much better and over the phase now. :)

 Prompt 25: Favourite Season
That will have to be winter! I guess it's because  we don't have it in Singapore, so I always enjoy winter when I am overseas. Christmas happens in winter and thus, the season of hope, love and joy, as well as lots of year-end sales! It's also the time when Sayang and I get to celebrate our yearly anniversary! I experimented with some cotton balls in this page and I like the outcome!

Hopefully I will be done soon and be able to start on the new 30 Day Journal Challenge. I can't wait! 

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