Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Gashapon Carnival!

Thanks to my brother, I was able to attend the 'Gashapon Capsule Carnival' that was held here in Singapore! I've never heard of such a thing before, but boy, was I glad to be there, because it was so fun! :)

The entrance of the 'carnival'
Some of the items on display: 
 Life-size BenTen guy
 Guess the number of capsules!
 Sayang earnestly filling up the contest form...
 and of course, I just have to visit this 'special' booth! ;P
 Tempting Capsule Stations!
 My trophies for the day!
 Elephant Pooh to add on to my collection of Pooh handphone straps! :)
 First prize that Sayang ever won for me! (It was chosen at random..but I'm still gonna treasure it!)
Shizuka hand towels! It was just my luck to have turned out the exact same towel for my second round. 
(I already have an idea to sew these together, into a small bag/pouch.) 

Outfit for the Day: 
(cardigan - Mum's, pink striped camisole - Giordano, skirt - Queensway Shopping Centre, two-way belt - gifted from China, rings - fleamarket)

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