Saturday, 12 March 2011

17th Month!

I've been sick for the entire week...Thank God though, that I was well enough to be able to spend my 17th month anniversary with Sayang out of the house yesterday! :)

We had dinner at Fish & Co, much to the dismay of Sayang, because he dislikes any place without chicken. Haha! To be fair, he ate quite a bit of chicken during lunch. :P

fish-shaped tableware
(literally, because it was so bitter, I think they forgot to add in the milk and honey as stated in the menu.)
yummy seafood platter! :)

We ended the day early because Sayang insisted that I go home and rest as I have yet to fully recover. So sweet right? :P

(What I wore: cardigan - bugis street, floral maxi dress - Missypixie)

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