Friday, 24 September 2010

Fruitful Weekend!

Remember the charms? I managed to string them together with 3 strands of leather! I like how it turned out to be kinda edgy with a cute factor. :)

I was also tasked to design and draw shirts for my two of my lifegroup ladies, for their birthday celebration. Took me quite a while, having to first come up with the design on a sheet of paper, before transferring them to the shirts with a fabric marker. I added in details along the way. After which, I had to iron the shirt so that the ink will be permanent. Then, I washed the shirts and iron them again. I'm happy with the end products, so were my friends! It's actually the first time I'm designing shirts for others, so I felt really glad that they were well-received. :)

It seems like my posts are now more about my weekends. I certainly hope that I can manage to make my weekdays fruitful too!


  1. hey my sweets!! I need you to e-mail me your addy a.s.a.p!! I wrote you a letter and I cant find any of my addresses :( plz plz!!

  2. Aw, looks great - the shirts and the bracelet, of course! lol I still need to put mine together. I have a chain but I just haven't gotten around to putting my charms on! lol


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