Saturday, 21 August 2010

'Breaking Fast' at Arnolds' Friend Chicken! Yummy!

During the Ramandan, the Muslims has to fast from Sunrise to Sunset. Since I'm staying in multi-racial Singapore and I studied in a Junior College that was populated by Muslims, I'm not new to this whole fasting thing. I actually think it's admirable of the Muslims to fast for the entire month because it takes lots of faith, determination and endurance to complete the fasting. Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting up with my Muslim friends to break fast at Arnolds' Fried Chicken! Absolutely delicious and juicy fried chicken! I didn't get to take any photos because I was too busy savouring the goodness. :)

To get seats at Arnolds' for breaking of fast, we actually had to queue up to 3 hours before, to get a table. Since the girls needed to pray before meeting me, I went to queue for the group. I got lots of stares from Malays and Chinese alike, because I was too fair to pass off as a Malay. It was quite an experience, queueing up for almost an hour and half, before I get our table, and then waiting for another hour and a half, to finally eat at break fast time! It was all worth it though, to enjoy such yummy fried chicken and to catch up with the girls. :)

A drawing to end the day. I can't wait till Hari Raya though, so that I can go visiting at their homes!

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