Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mr Hockey Bean & Journal Pages!

After weeks of waiting, I finally got this cute hockey plushie from Mr Bean! Isn't it just so adorable? :)

Now, onto my journal pages!

Journal Prompt 13: Silly insecurities....we all have them unfortunately. If you don't, you are my hero :) Today I want you to document your insecurities, face them, write them down, reflect on them, and get them out of your system. Somewhere on your page I want you to write "BUT..." This will lead in to tomorrow's prompt :) This is definitely not a fun prompt but it's kind of necessary in order to move past them.

I have lots of insecurities that I'm trying hard to work on. It sure took me some courage to be able to share about them. I'm kinda afraid of what others will think about me once they find out about these.  

Journal Prompt 14: Ok, now that we have all of the yucky insecurities out of our system, I want us to completely focus ONLY on the things that make you the amazing person that you are. What are the qualities that you possess that make you so wonderful? Don't be shy and don't be modest either on this one :)

Sure feels good to be writing about amazing qualities that I possess. Notice that I've set this page to be a contrast of the previous one, with the use of sunshine, to counter the dark and stormy rain. :)

Journal Prompt 15: Today I would like you to brainstorm some goals for the upcoming month. A short list of goals that will be attainable to accomplish in one month.

I simply love hockey! :D

I'm officially halfway through the 30 Day Journal Challenge and I'm really enjoying it! I'm rather proud of the fact that I'm on track. It's so much fun to just doodle and pen down my thoughts. I feel so accomplished each time I complete a page! :)

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