Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Journal Prompt 17 & New Haircut!

After reading about Lindsay's visit to the hairsalon, I finally pluck up the courage to get a trim, and I kinda like the way it turned out. No more messy and untamed hair that's constantly bugging me, at least for now! Today's journal prompt ties in with my new haircut, so I'm gonna draw about it. Perfect timing for a prompt like this. :)

Journal Prompt 17: Today you are going to illustrate a day. It can be today, it can be yesterday, it can be a significant event that you have had in your life :) Use pictures, labels, words, doodle, sketches, anything you want, to describe your day! This is a cute one. Enjoy!

Sayang fell asleep while waiting for me to get my hair cut. Haha!

& now...the actual look!
I like how it's much neater and yet I am able to maintain my previous hair length. Hooray for a successful happy visit to the hairsalon! :D


  1. yay!! Aren't salon visits the best??? I always feel amazing walking out of the salon!! so pretty!!! Your hair looks great!! And cute journal page!!
    Sending a letter to you today! Be on the lookout!

  2. love your cut!

    and your writing is seriously lovely. i could probably stare at your handwriting for hours on end.


  3. this morning I left a comment but blogger was being a pain --:( i love your journal page! You look very cute in your new cut.


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