Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fulfilling Day

It's my church's 15th anniversary today and we all celebrated by going to church in the same tees! It reads 'MANY CULTURES, 1 HOPE'. That one hope is to spread the love of God, to glorify His Kingdom! :)

We also launched a speed pass, which makes registering for church events so much easier. We just have to present this card! Isn't it awesome?

Then, I bought some cute stuff at the 'Pop and Talent Hub' (PATH), in support of mainly the elderly, disabled and the less privileged.

'I love Dad' keychain made out of beads; crocheted panda bear; 'Nighty Night' ring; aluminium can hairclip; bottle cap magnet; patchwork coaster; bracelet.

It was dinner at my sayang's place after that! His parents were so kind and gave me some useful things that they found laying at home the other day.

a file of materials on simple exercises for my grandma :)

to strengthen up my arm muscles! ;P

convertible bag :)

no, they didn't give me this, but she's simply too adorable to resist. Their miniature schnauzer, Twinkle. :)

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