Monday, 9 February 2009

I'm feeling so FAT! I keep eating at late hours and then feel bloated. I'm beginning to see a lump of fats growing at my tummy area..oh no..I should really start exercising again. I'm not being paranoid. There's evidence! I weighed myself and I gained like 1-2kg! Argh..that's really bad. I need me Lord, help this fat girl here to stop herself from eating unnecessarily. haha:)

Anyway..I had a satisfying weekend, volunteering on Sat morning and then celebrating Mau's birthday with the Shyidas. Finally, I got back to church today and did set up! Plus, Rachel Ong was the one who shared! Yay! Lifegroup's good too. I should get more rest and not feel so sleepy. It's frustrating and embarrassing trying to stay awake.:S

Managed to catch up with Suf again last week. She's getting sick of me I think..what a friend. Haiz..Nevertheless, it was great time together, haha, playing at the arcade was so classic.


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