Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Super Smart Steph withdrew money from ATM yesterday, before rushing for Taekwondo training. Guess what? I took my receipt, my card and walk off, WITHOUT THE MONEY!!! When I went back, I had a glimpse of the people whom I suspected took my money but I just let it go. I mean, I can't walk up to someone and accuse them of taking my money, without any proof. I felt the pinch, my hard-earned money. I called Suf to complain. Throughout the whole conversation, I was unknowingly going on, "Luckily, it was only 20 bucks.", "Luckily, I took my card.", "Luckily, I didn't lose my cheque (pay day)." Then it hit me. I'm lucky that something worse didn't happen and I can thank God for that. I'm unknowingly being optimistic. Haha. Nevertheless, I got scolded, of course, by my parents, for being so blur. Well, I hope the people who took my money were blessed and used them for something useful.:)

Happier things to talk about...

I got my Taekwondo Blackbelt certificate and my Safra Army Bay Run certificate. My timing was better than I expected. Yay!

My blood, tears, perspirations and life. :)

My proud achievement!

Dinners at Swensens on Sunday, to celebrate Fatin's belated belated belated birthday. I'm glad we finally got a chance to meet up. I miss those hockey times. Everyone's so busy with their own life now.

Happy Fatin, with her new slippers.:)

Received an sms from Mr Mangkuk this morning, who finally is not busy enough to let me know he's still alive. Haha. He felt bad for not replying my smses, lately. Now, I miss hockey peeps even more!

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