Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!

Since it's a special day for my Muslim friends, I've decided to blog about the NTUMS FOC that I helped out months ago. :)

It was a fabulous camp, much thoughts and efforts put in to ensure that everything runs smoothly and participants will benefit and enjoy themselves. It was a time for spiritual growth, for the Muslims, as well as me. A time to understand more about Islam and clarify any misconceptions. A time to meet new friends, interact and exchange views. It was a time when I was touched and overwhelmed by their hospitality, a time when I didn't feel awkward even though I was the only Chinese girl around, and a Non-Muslim at that. A time of fun, laughter and joy. A time for many first-times. A time when I truly enjoyed myself, despite being tired and out. Thank you, my friends, for the wonderful experience. :D

The Ad-hoc, who made this camp possible, spending sleepless nights just to perfect everything.:)

The SMs, being hard-working station masters. (*spot me!*)

Finally, the entire turnout for the camp.:)
Taufik Batisah is absolutely charming~! He looked like a putera (prince) in that costume he had on, for his final appearance in Sinar Lebaran. ;P

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