Sunday, 6 July 2008

This weekend was REALLY filled with activities..Taekwondo grading was alright, I guess. Third time! I really want to pass it this time!

Then, there was the mock camp for NTU Muslim Society (NTUMS). Yeah, you didn't get me wrong. I did agree to help out for the freshmen orientation camp for the NTUMS. I must say, it was truly an eye-opener for me and I had so much fun, seriously. I like the storyline about Saladin and the conspiracy of the Hashashins, how the activities seemed to be linked together. How like, the contents were planned in such a way that it triggered Muslims, even non-Muslims like me, to want to understand more about Islam, to right the wrongs and stuff like that. I am very impressed by the effort put in by the Ad-hoc in ensuring that everything will turn out fine on the actual camp itself, listening patiently to each and every suggestion and feedback, seeking to improve on activities and content. Personally, it was a great opportunity for me to understand more about other religions and cultures. I was also constantly reminded of how we should respect our fellow brothers and sisters in maintaining our distance and keeping check of our own behaviour. I mean, it is so easy to forget about all these issues about respecting, especially with the influence of media and friends. I think it's something we should always be mindful of.

Plus point for the camp was that I get to meet up with OLD friends like Farah, Syaf and Taufiq, and make many new friends! Did I mention that I slept at the mosque last night and had to shower using the hose in normal toilet cubicles? I even had to wear a make-shift 'tudung' to cover my hair, wear long-sleeved shirt for movement in the mosque and stuff like that. It was a camp of many 'first time' for me. Cool..I'm so glad that I agreed to help out. :D

Btw, if you're interested in being a participant for the camp, please let me know. I promise you, you will have a great time, lots of fun and laughter. :)

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