Friday, 1 February 2008

Went back to SDI for a visit on Wednesday. I played badminton. :)

Here's a glimpse of my SPF internship...

Welcome to SDI!

I'm so gonna miss entering the office through this automated door every morning.

My 'mat' friend & laughing buddy, Amin :D

I'm so gonna miss tagging along when he's despatching, 'visiting and exploring' the building, teasing him, calling him 'mat', laughing together with him, gonna miss the fact that I can escape to his corner and he'll understand perfectly why...

My neighbour & badminton partner, Jackson :P

I'm gonna miss rolling my eyes at his stupid comments, playing badminton with him, those long chats and just being amused by him...

My one & only favourite uncle, Azman ;D
I'm so gonna miss asking him weird and random questions, helping him do work, listening to his relation of police work, his 'duhz' and 'ya~', him calling me 'ah mui', being amused with him, nagging at him(yes, I did :D), just hanging out with fact, I already miss him...:(
I'm gonna miss sitting in this car, when we go out for lunch or dinner. Miss sitting in front comfortably while the guys squeezed behind (MUAHAHAZ!), or getting amused by uncle when he sings/taps/sways to the music...
I'm just gonna miss hanging out with them and all the other peeps at SDI. Simply love them.:D

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